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Rod pressure packing

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Piston rod pressure packing | Packing rings - Sealing rings

Piston rod pressure packing

Piston rings reciprocating compressorMain functions of rod packings

The purpose of the packing cases is to seal (dynamic sealing) any residual gas coming from the cylinder along the piston rod.

Rod pressure packing designed to-mesure

CASTANET packing units are manufactured “to-measure” to meet to all conditions of service (up to 2500 bars).
These assemblies are designed according to the nature of the gas, the discharge pressures and temperatures as well as the linear speed and stroke of the piston rod, all of which contribute to the dissipation of the heat generated.

Different designs are proposed :

With oil recovery in the case of combined packing cases

Piston rings reciprocating compressor
Piston rings reciprocating compressor
Packing cases with labyringth sealing rings (Double or triple circle packing rings)

Packing cases with labyringth sealing rings
Packing cases with labyringth sealing rings




Garniture d'étanchéité tige de pistonPiston rings reciprocating compressor